3D Frac Simulator

eFrac® prefers to use a planar 3D software to undertake studies and unless there is an operator preference we use GOHFER as the only simulator that can accurately model:

  • Proppant transport
  • Handle horizontal and asymmetric well models
  • Model multiple perforated intervals with diversion between perforations for limited entry design
  • Allow for vertical and lateral variation of leakoff and rheology across the fracture
  • Accurately model Frac-Pack designs by using pressure distribution screen-out criteria

GOHFER® simulator has been used extensively in many regions throughout the world and has a proven track record for problem identification in the field.

Many international clients require that we supply and train their personnel on software use and for this prupose eFrac is an approved GOHFER trainer and supplier.

For more detailed information, please visit www.gohfer.com or www.barree.net