e-Frac® ensures remote, sustainable operational success in reservoir, both onshore and offshore.

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished….
That will be the beginning.”

Louis L’Amour


Reservoir analyses to establish the requirements for sustainable reservoir development:

Reservoir Characterization & Simulation

  • Reservoir simulations and sensitivity analyses
  • Log and core data analysis, interpretation and reporting
  • Data up-scaling for simulation studies
  • Log interpretation for geomechanical rock properties
  • Construction and calibration of in-situ stress model
  • Well simulation and performance modelling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Well Simulation & Performance Assessment

Production Data Analysis

  • Post-production performance modelling
  • Well Testing: Production, Analyses and Simulation

Forecasting & Reserves:

  • In place reserves determination
  • Future production performance forecasting
  • FDP analyses and recommendations


Reservoir and Completion evaluation support, specialized in Fracture Initiation Technology (eFracFIT™)

Driiling Mud

  • General data review (LWD, ROP etc.)
  • Fluid and mud weight recommendations
  • Drilling geomechanical review

Well Completion

  • Casing and Tubing selection
  • Completion stress analysis review

Lower Completion Design

  • Well completions design
    • Engineered
    • Geometric (factory)
  • Stage design
    • Plugs selection and placement
    • Perforation design and optimization (Cluster, phasing and number)
  • Completion optimization performance review

Controlling what we can, before the reservoir takes over!
(minutes not hours)


Simulation to evaluate the well impact in the reservoir, mitigating treatment outcomes for greater efficiency and success.

Damage Remediation Assessment

Stimulation Recommendation

  • Acidizing
  • Acid Fracturing/Hydraulic Fracturing
  • EGS strategies

Vertical and Horizontal Well Treatment Design

  • Fluid selection
  • Proppant selection
  • Schedule design

Diagnostic Technology Selection

  • Assessment
  • Source
  • Selection


On-site support that ensures regulatory compliance and facilitated application of operational best practices and improved reservoir understanding.


  • Assistance in design, planning and treatment QA/QC and real time treatment analysis
  • Pre-treatment injection testing, design and fall-off diagnostics (the so-called DFIT)


  • Post -Job Treatment Analysis & Optimization
  • Post-Treatment pressure match and analysis
  • Treatment optimization and production predictions
  • Completion efficiency assessment

Production & Reserves

  • Well Testing: Flowback and clean-up strategy
  • Post-Stimulation Job Optimization
  • Production Forecast & Analysis
  • FDP & Reserve Analyses

Diagnostic Technology

  • Application
  • Analyses
  • Research & Development


A certified O&G/ESG Auditing & Verification process that ensures compliance with ALARP principles as part of a responsible and sustainable development.

Well integrity (eFracWELL™)

Stimulation Design and optimization (eFracMOD™)

Operational Execution (eFracPUMP™)