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This document lists references and additional information that e-Frac® has found useful for understanding research and results from perforation testing. When perf testing and specifications are properly defined, well performance can dramatically improve.

Performance (not cost) is critical for what is ultimately the most important connection between the reservoir and wellbore!

Perforations performance, phasing and distribution are critical when trying to maximize well performance.

Hydraulic fracturing has shown that innovations in technology and design are possible when we ask the most important question:

What do we actually need from the perforation for this application?
If the answer is depth of penetration in the reservoir (DoP), the question should then be what is the ratio of clean to damaged tunnel going to be and will any additional DoP (at stress) be worth it?


e-Frac® works with service companies and operators to develop and improve perforation performance and completion designs.

e-Frac® today to optimize your completion design whether it is for exploration, production, stimulation or abandonment.